IT solutions for working from home in Bedfordshire.Working from Home

With the high cost of office space and the inconvenience and expense of travel, teleworking or working from home has become very common. However implementing teleworking requires careful planning to optimise security, maximise efficiency and minimise costs.


  • Not having to battle through traffic or fight your way onto public transport
  • Being able to work during tube and train strikes.
  • Saving the costs of travel and parking
  • Being able to work normally when the weather makes travel dangerous and unpredictable
  • Being able to minimise the distractions of the office
  • Work times can be flexible to achieve work-life balance while working from home
  • It is possible to work even if unable to travel through injury illness or unplanned childminding
  • Staff with long daily journeys might be able to mix teleworking with office working
  • Saving office costs by hot-desking
  • Modern phone systems allow home workers to have remote extensions
  • Social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis


  • Setting targets and measuring them to ensure maximum productivity of home workers
  • Having fast, reliable Internet connections
  • Data security if business data accessible from out of the office
  • Does the home worker have a suitable workspace
  • Can the home worker, work free from distractions
  • Performance of systems and seamless integration of data and telecoms
  • Essential to minimise distractions while working from home
  • Homeworking needs planing before the emergency strikes

Planning for home working

Every year when the weather gets bad, or there is a tube strike, we get calls asking to set up remote working for a user who needs it today. Although we can usually set up something in a hurry, it is much better to plan in advance. A well-implemented and secure home working solution requires firewall configuration, a virtual private network configuration, and setting up the workers computer. If the user is planning to use their personal computer, it essential to make sure it is secure. This means ensuring it has good quality anti-virus and that Windows or Mac updates are current. Securing the machine with a login and password ensures other people can’t access company data.

For more information on setting up a home office, read our article about preparing to work from home.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) planning

As the number of infected people in the UK continues to increase now is the time to plan to minimise the impact on your business. Businesses don’t want to pay people who are not sick, and the staff don’t want to stay at home without pay. If there is a significant outbreak, then businesses will have to close down, causing loss of business and enormous cost.

Many people can work from home if they have the systems to do so. Even staff who rely on their desk telephone like receptionists can work from home with modern telephone systems.

There is no one size fits all solution, so ask to evaluate your business to plan for large scale home working. Don’t wait for the need to arise as it will be too late. Act now and contact us for a free consultation.



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