Planning all aspects of moving your IT systems to your new office.Office Moves

Office moves add to the pressures of moving house with the need to be working and servicing customers.

Proper planning for the move is the key to success. Suppliers like BT, Internet service providers, electricians and structured wiring contractors all need plenty of time to complete installation work.

Planning the efficient location of equipment needs care. Putting critical equipment under the stairs with the mops and buckets might get it out of the way, but it won’t lead to a reliable system. Ventilation and air conditioning are essential in some offices, and any business that does not make allowance for them will have problems.

Network wiring is an area that is often poorly planned and implemented. The cost of cable and fittings is low compared to the costs of contractors returning to a working office to add additional cabling and sockets. The whole point of proper structured wiring is that the network can be re-patched when the business evolves to accommodate the changes. Frequent changes include moving or adding workstations, equipment like payment terminals and printers or more phones.

Before the move, we test new Internet connections as Internet problems can take days to resolve.

Dismantle existing systems and pack for secure transportation so everything will work once reinstalled. Load vehicles so critical equipment is available first, ready for timely installation at the new site.

Allow plenty of time to install and test everything at the new location. On go-live day, users will need support, and someone on-site is better than relying on remote support.

Cancel services like Internet connections and phone lines and remove any remaining equipment from the old office.

We document all the changes for ongoing user and system support.

For well planned and executed office moves

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