Computer repairs and laptop repairs in Leighton BuzzardComputer and Laptop repairs provides home computer repairs and laptop repairs in Leighton Buzzard. These include broadband and wireless troubleshooting and repair.

We have an extensive stock of spare parts to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Typical services include fixing hardware and software problems, installing hardware and software, and removing viruses.

If you think you might have a virus problem we offer a free 30-day trial of ESET Antivirus. Use the contact us page to obtain your free trial.

A common request is people complaining about their computer being slow and think they need to buy a new computer. We can often improve machine performance with some software maintenance or a memory or hard disk upgrade.

In the event, a machine is beyond economical repair, or at the end of its useful life, we offer a selection of refurbished computers which are an inexpensive way to get a good machine.

Windows 10 upgrades

Windows 7 has reached the end of support from Microsoft. It will continue to work but will no longer have security updates and will become increasingly incompatible with new software and hardware. Most machines running Windows 7 can run Windows 10 and won’t need a new license. will upgrade any compatible computer to Windows 10. An upgrade can be either a fresh install of Windows 10 which effectively puts the machine back to factory settings or more typically an in-place update that retains software, data, and settings.

It is better to factory default any machine that has existing problems.

Windows 10 might remove some older incompatible software. Read our more detailed article on upgrading to Windows 10.


Visit our Apple Mac page here.

Before you call us

To save yourself time and money on a home computer repair or laptop repair, there are things you can do which will solve many software problems. If you are not confident about how to do these, we will do it for you.

  • Remove any software you don’t need.
  • Run system updates
  • Do a full virus scan with a quality anti-virus product. We offer a 30-day free trial.
  • If you get intermittent errors, write them down or take a picture of them

These will solve some problems and can take a long time to run.

We offer a no-fix no fee service on home computer repairs and home laptop repairs, and we warranty hardware repairs.

When you have a computer or laptop problem at home

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