Apple Mac support in Leighton BuzzardApple MAC support provides hardware and software support for Apple MAC products, including MacBooks, iMacs, iPad and iPhones. We offer remote support, onsite support and workshop support.

Typical jobs include updating machines to the latest version of the MAC operating system and installing additional RAM or replacement hard drives. Upgrades to RAM and hard disks are not possible on some models which have soldered-on components. We typically replace hard drives for one of three reasons, hardware failure, the need for more storage, or to improve performance.

Speed up my MAC usually recommends fitting a Solid State Drive (SSD). A solid-state drive will drastically enhance machine performance and will make installation quicker. A solid-state drive will extend the life of a MAC computer because the machine will be much faster.

We install applications, including antivirus and security products. It is a common misconception that Apple Mac computers don’t require antivirus protection, but as Mac computers have been gaining market share, criminals target these systems. We offer free trials of antivirus and security products.

We also have an online backup solution that schedules automatic backups of your data. Data backups are an essential protection against hardware failure, machine theft or accidental deletion. We offer free trials of online backup solutions.

We offer battery and screen replacement services for some iPhones and iPads.

A typical Apple MAC support issue for us is when MAC users need to work in a Microsoft Windows environment. We will resolve problems accessing network files and folders and make sure that the MAC user does not compromise existing systems’ security. Security issues are more complicated now. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become so popular.

Date recovery for MAC computers specialises in data recovery. On failing Apple MAC computers beyond economical repair, we will recover data where possible and copy it to the replacement machine. We securely wipe the old disk drive, or if it is faulty, we destroy it with our hydraulic press. We will ethically dispose of old equipment if required.