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Atomik remote support with ISL Online

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Our remote support helpdesk hours are from 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Support is also available outside those hours with prior arrangements.

We use ISL light and Anydesk for remote support of Microsoft and Apple Mac products. Using these products involves visiting a website to run the software and typing in a code to make the connection. From that point, our remote support technician can remote control the computer to diagnose and fix the problem.

In the event the problem is an Internet, wireless or other connection problem, remote support software won’t work. On these occasions, we will try to talk you through resolving the connection problem to get you working. If this does not work, we will arrange an on-site support visit.
Typical user support involves helping users with software and application issues, connectivity problems, printer issues, software installation, and updates.

Some maintenance tasks can take extended periods. Jobs like significant software updates, virus scans, or disk defragmentation can run for half an hour or more. Completing time-consuming tasks remotely makes more sense than doing them on-site, as the technician can leave it running and do other work.

An increasing number of issues involve connection issues with cloud-based services. For us to help with these issues, you must have the logins and passwords to access these services. You will not need to give us the credentials as during a remote session, we will ask you to put in the passwords, so we don’t need to know what they are.
We resolve the majority of user calls remotely.

Safety notice

If you are cold-called by someone claiming to be from Microsoft, BT, your bank, or any other large organisation helpdesk, this is probably a scam. Big organisations never cold call offering to fix a problem you did not know you had. These people are trying to gain access to your computer to steal information like bank details or online service passwords so they can take your money or identity. Don’t become a victim.