Professional telephone message recordings to suit your company styleProfessional telephone system recordings

Professional message on hold recordings for telephone systems give a much better impression than ones done in-house using a telephone handset.

We can produce custom “on hold” messages to your requirements, including choice of male or female, choice of accent and even a business tone of something softer.

How do you feel when calling a business you call regularly and hear the same old music for years, which sometimes is of inferior quality? Use multiple “on hold” recordings to advertise new products and keep customers informed.

Regularly changing your hold music or adding additional recordings that play randomly will keep callers interested.

Does it surprise you when existing customers are unaware of some of your services or products? Using the on-hold time not only stops them from getting bored but can help sell new product or services. Alternatively, add some suitable music so they can enjoy being on hold.

Professional “On Hold” recordings

When choosing music, there are several essential considerations. You can’t just add a tune you download from the Internet. To be suitable for music on hold, it has to be either licenced to you for this purpose or be royalty-free.

To give the best end-user experience, it should loop seamlessly, so there are no breaks when it restarts. The levels must be suitable for telephone use. Music designed for phone systems will have reduced treble and bass. High-quality sound recording has too much volume, bass and treble and will usually distort if used on a phone system. will adjust the levels where required.

  • 94% of advertising budgets are spent on generating incoming calls. Look after those incoming calls correctly, and give a professional first impression.
  • 70% of calls are placed on hold or transferred.
  • 90% will hang up after 40 seconds if confronted with silence or beeps
  • Advertise new services or products to existing customers.
  • Enhance your corporate image and make your company sound larger and more professional.
  • Psychologically reduce “hold time”.
  • Advertise changes to your business, Christmas Opening hours etc.

For professional phone system recordings

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