VigorACS monitoring and central Draytek managementDraytek VigorACS

ACS stands for Automatic Configuration Server. Draytek VigorACS is a cloud-based central management system for Draytek routers, switches and access points. VigorACS support all current Draytek products. The system maintains two-way communication with the device and periodically records system information, including traffic volumes and device connections. ACS does not record user data, so there are no privacy or GDPR implications.

Configuration backups

Modern equipment is very reliable, but if a device fails, efficient restoration of functionality will require a current configuration file. This file contains all the device setup, including network settings, firewall rules and VPN settings. If a hardware failure or the settings become corrupt, can reprogram a replacement unit to the last backup.

Programming a device from scratch because no backup is available will take longer and usually require a site visit. The Draytek VigorACS system can do daily backups and typically keeps 20 days of backups.

Remote monitoring and management of Draytek routers and access points

Reporting and alarms

VigorACS stores system logs and reports alarms and notifications. Reporting allows prompt intervention to fix faults quickly and possibly see intermittent failures before they become more serious. It also provides details of data usage.


Firmware updates

Firmware updates are released regularly for Draytek products, which is one of the many benefits of using a premium product. These updates address security vulnerabilities, add new features, and fix problems. Draytek VigorACS can be used to schedule automatic firmware updates during non-business hours.


Setting up VigorACS

Setting up VigorACS involves creating an online account. Each device then needs to have the connection settings set up and tested. The device initiates the connection, so you can still use VigorACS if they are not directly accessible from the Internet.


There is a monthly subscription per device configured on Draytek VigorACS. Contact us to discuss your needs.